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Karen, You are a cranking production machine !!

Keith , Venoco, Inc.



If you are in need of any recruiting assistance I have utilized Jim M. and EEG to fill some hard to fill positions. Jim is quite diligent and has provided some high quality candidates.

Mike Schnack , HR Manager, VWNA- NE, LLC



Theresa is very professional in her approach to recruiting. Her communication skills were excellent in both hearing what was being said and providing information on all the candidates she submitted. She worked on a number of challenging positions for us at Sezmi. She was very good at listening to our “unique” requirements and quickly produced multiple "quality candidates". It was a pleasure to work with her and I would recommend her for future recruiting assignments.

CJ White, Sezmi



EEG Recruiting is not just a recruiting firm. We're a full service recruiting, staffing, and consulting firm. Below is a list of the services we currently offer. 

Retained Search 

Clients retain our services to conduct targeted, exclusive, comprehensive, in-depth searches. A retainer fee, typically based on a percentage of the first year's compensation package or a negotiated fixed fee, is billed according to our standard 90 day replacement guarantee.  Other terms are available depending on the project. Out-of-pocket expenses are billed separately. Regular progress reports are prepared and the client is kept fully apprised of the progress of the search. Starting with a large universe of potential candidates we typically select a 'short list' of the handful of most highly qualified candidates from whom the client makes their selection. Retainer searches are often best applied to highly specialized or highly confidential hiring situations that justify our recruiter's undivided focus.

Contingency Search

Many of our clients have hiring needs of sufficient urgency that contingent fee search becomes an appropriate choice due to its typically quick turnaround. Upon obtaining the assignment we immediately begin to identify qualified candidates from the client's industry. Once these candidates are identified, our recruiter presents the client's opportunity to the candidates. Those who are both interested and qualified are submitted to the hiring manager for an interview. We can perform all of the necessary reference checks along with salary and credential verification.

Contract Placement

Our Contract Placement services are a great way to build a quality team quickly with no upfront cost. The flexibility, quality & diversity of skills, and cost effectiveness has made contract placement very popular across a number of industries.

Typically, a contract placement project is similar to a permanent search and begins with a job requirement list. We then conduct an exhaustive search of internal & external databases, as well as contract candidate networks to find the most appropriate candidates. The candidates are then phone interviewed, qualified, and tested if necessary, and then passed on to you for a final interview.
Contracts can last from a few months to a few years. You have the option of converting a contract placement into a permanent addition to your workforce after 6 months, or a previously negotiated term. Throughout the contract we remain the candidates' employer, and we will bill you on an hourly basis. Once the contract ends, you can choose to hire the candidate full time with no additional fees provided the contract has come to term. Should the candidate be hired as an employee of your firm before the contract ends, we'll negotiate a prorated early conversion fee.


EEG employs a unique mix of techniques and technologies to seek out the perfect candidates for your openings. If our recruiting services aren't what you're looking for, please make sure to read on to learn more about our candidate sourcing & screening services.

Let us do the Research

For many companies, sourcing and qualifying candidates is a time and resource intensive process. If there were one central location to search for candidates, the process would be easy. It's not. There are many sources - some free, some costly. As a full service recruiting firm, we naturally have access to many expensive and/or hidden candidate databases. You can tap our massive candidate pool by utilizing our candidate sourcing & screening services. You will be assigned a dedicated researcher who will source and pre-qualify candidates on an hourly basis. The time our researcher spends on your project is entirely up to you. If you fill your position, or are not getting the type of candidates you'd like to see (although we're committed to quality), you can stop at any time.

Passive Name Generation

We have developed some very unique and very effective strategies and systems over the 30 years EEG has been in business. These techniques are used internally every day by our recruiting staff to help them dig deep and exhaust any given market to deliver the best candidates available. You can take advantage of these tools by using our passive name generation offering alongside your own in house recruiting efforts. We'll assign a dedicated name generation specialist to your sourcing project and you'll get the names and contact info of currently employed and prequalified candidates directly from your competitors. This service is billed hourly and can be more cost effective than our recruiting services, but the work and the risk of hiring any of the candidates we provide lies with you.


If your HR department is struggling to keep up with all the duties of hiring, let us help take some of the burden off by employing our support services

Background Checks

Background Checks are an essential part of hiring quality candidates. Depending on your organization, your cost per hire may range from $15,000 to $150,000 or more. Make sure your decision is based on solid facts and the candidate you're planning to hire will have a greater chance of being an asset than a liability.

Interview & Qualification

Interviewing can be a time intensive process.  Let us handle some of your load. We can conduct extensive phone interviews and pre-qualification to make sure that your prospective candidate is really committed and qualified before they reach your desk. This can be a great time and resource saver especially when you're considering relocation.


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