Friday, July 10, 2020
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EEG Recruiting is an established national recruiting firm with offices
located throughout the United States. Although we traditionally serve niche markets, we like to think of ourselves as specializing in a formula recruiting process. This process goes beyond the "hit and miss" referral networking approach used by most recruiters. Using our national candidate database, name generation (Intelligence done by our research department), and referral procedure we can provide up to 90% coverage in any given market, allowing EEG to provide you the best candidates the market will bear at any given time.

Other recruiting firms have used our consulting services to open up new markets, and learn this uniquely effective process. Motorola, Emerson, Bally amongst other clients have secured EEG's efforts by offering retainers to work on their staffing projects exclusively. Other clients have doubled their contingent fee agreements so EEG would dedicate it's efforts to their projects. We have many long term clients who consistently call in their jobs and ask EEG to work on their positions on a regular basis.

It's important for you to pick a recruiting firm that can respond effectively to your human resource demands, so that: 

  • You'll know you've gotten the best candidates to select from in any given market at any given time. 

  • You'll accomplish this with minimal "headhunter" exposure by reducing your Company's vulnerability and visibility to other recruiters.

Contact us
and we'll give you an honest appraisal of what we will be able to do for you.

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